Meet Your Travel Agent

Natcha Jessop

Hi! I'm Natcha but you can call me Nikki. I've been globetrotting long before I learned to speak. I'm originally from Thailand but I have been living in many countries around the world. I lived and studied in France for 5 years and am an expert in all European country travels. I have a BA in culinary arts and I can offer a lot of food/culture related expertise through travel. I have extensive knowledge in travel logistics and how to create a stress-free experience no matter what continent you are in. I am here to help facilitate your desire to travel.

No matter what type of package or destination(s) you are looking for (affordable deals, all-inclusive,family travel, business travel, luxury travel, multi-destination, travel packages, destination weddings, honeymoons, flights, cruises, car rentals, shuttles, group bookings, excursions, shows, concerts, etc) I will represent you and contact all the travel companies on your behalf. Don't waste your time or stress yourself out with customer service! Let me be the one to do it for you so you can get to the fun traveling part! If you are ready for that vacation/adventure you've been dreaming of, please contact me so I can make it happen for you!

Why Choose Us?

Personalized Quotes

I will take my time to research great rates&deals that best fit your travel needs. Most of my travel services are FREE except for complex itineraries that require more research time.


I will be reachable via email or phone call (within the US) for all your travel needs before,during and after your vacation to ensure a smooth trip.

Client-Centered Process

I will make sure to fulfill all your special needs during the itinerary-building process.